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Want to offer your product / service to prospective costumers with a persuasive method (via email)

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Benefits of Email Marketing

One key to success for all businesses is getting to know their customers more closely. Social media makes this recognition process easier than ever before. With existing support tools, you can now find out in detail about who your customers are, the language they use, the age range, and even the sex of social media. This information can help the branding and promotion process to the right target consumers.

With the right target customers, you are expected to benefit more from the investment you have made The benefits of social media advertising are:
1. Helps Search for More Effective Target Customers
2. An Easy Way to Find Out More About Your Customers
3. Increase your business authority
4. Helps Discover New Consumers and Expand Target Markets
5. Helps Increase Website Visitors and Search Engine Ranking
6. Make it easy to Provide Feedback Directly
7. Increase the number of leads or prospects
8. Helping Consumers Reach Your Business
9. Increase Brand Awareness and Promotion with Minimal Costs
10. And others.

Our Email Marketing Services

EMAIL MARKETING is the right choice to be able to expand the reach of your business and also to provide the best service for your customers. The visitors who come will be quite large, of course, every email that we send is not all individuals from our potential target customers will bear fruit but if for example we send e-mail to 500 email account contacts with a minimum of readers or 50 people interested we can imagine how much turnover we will get, not to mention if we send thousands of email addresses.

Apart from increasing turnover this can also affect the increase in visitor traffic to our website that automatically seo websites will become consistent and stable in competing with other website owners or this is in line with your website's seo program.

Trust us, the fee that we offer is a minimum of 2.5 Million by using reliable Softwhere and we adjust to the target number of emails that will be sent to the email account owner or your potential customer target. or if you want an email database (Contact Us) .



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Coordinate Targeted Email Marketing

(Upon Request, Minimum 20,000 E-Mails / Month)


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The Cost Rates We Provide can be adjusted to Your Cost Rates


Agreement between Parties

Calculated from 100% cash payment receipt, from the agreed total price and agreed social media ad types.

Start advertising.

Time for ± 1 Month (Duration as you wish)


Conduct an Assessment for Revised email templates

Revised email templates with a maximum of 1x and for your e-mail contents



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