Website Development Services

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Want to try a business opportunity or need that requires a Website

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Benefits of a Website

business markets that increase the visibility, credibility and trust of a business or product of a business. You can reduce printing costs, operational costs and even as a medium for your transactions in running your business. And many other benefits that can skyrocket your business by continuing to work for 24 hours because your website system works to serve your customers.

- Improve customer relations
- Consumers get feedback from producers
- The availability of marketing channels and direct compenany profiles
- Simplify and Efficient time, cost and energy
- Stand out in the competition
- And others.

Website Creation Services

Entrust us to create your website with a minimum cost of 2 million according to the level of difficulty of the website system specifications that you need.

Among these websites are:
- Company Profile Website
- Online Shop Website
- School Website
- News Portal Website
- Management Information System Website
- Other Websites (All Types of Websites).
This is a great opportunity for us to overtake other business people, with us you will build the system you need for the application, certainly with the professionalism of providing your needs.

Website Upgrade Services

The website that you have can be made by your staff to help your operational and administrative performance by adding sophisticated features and in accordance with your line of work, in order to simplify your work.

Entrust us to upgrade your website to be more functional in helping your work, including:
- Added features of articles / blogs that are Seo Frenly
- Add live chat features
- cash in and out cash features
- Visitor statistics feature
- Data and mail records management features
- Invoice printing feature
- And so forth.
With a minimum cost of 2 Million / Features according to the level of difficulty of the specifications of the features you need.

Do not you let the opportunity for you ahead of others ahead of us Let's overtake other business people, with us you will build the system you need for the application, certainly with the professionalism of providing your needs.

Admin Control Panel

Admin Control Panel is your Administrator Page which is also known as Backend, Admin Panel, or Control Panel is an interface where admin and other website / application officers with special rights (adjusting the duties of each account owner) they can each manipulating the form of the website / application according to the content that you want displayed on general user applications.

This is very important for every website because it is a place for managing your website content, and with us, we provide a pair of (free) admin control penalties for every ordering of your website to us.



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Agreement between Parties

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Making Use of Application Applications

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Tariff Package Cost

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